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When is Ramadan 2019 in UK United Kingdom Timetable Calendar 2019

Ramadan Calendar For Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds,  Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar is one of the most sacred months for Muslims around the world when all of them unite and practice fasts as the religious tradition. Ramadan is considered representative of Muslims unity, generosity, and kindness globally. One of the basic reasons why Ramadan holds such substantial place in the Islamic calendar is the revelation of Holy Quran upon Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and consecration of countless blessings without question by Allah SWT.


Ramadan 2019 in the UK

As Ramadan 2019 is just a few weeks away and people in the UK are already setting their goals, it’s important to have a quick look at the Ramadan calendar in UK 2019. Ramadan 2019 is expected to start at 17th May 2019 but we can’t be sure until the professional astronomical announcements are made. However, our diet routines, office hours, assignment and prayer times must be scheduled beforehand to avoid any approaching hassle.


Ramadan timetable Calendar in UK 2019

As UK extends itself across multiple time zones such as BST in summer, GMT in winter and generally called UTC time based on Greenwich, England, we have decided to provide you with personalized Ramadan calendar for UK 2019 so that you don’t have to confuse your head round the clock. If you’re new to the region, this information is especially for you.

Ramadan Calendar 2019 in London

Clocks in London work according to UCT with certain variations in other cities. Note down the calendar and locate your respected variations mentioned below.

Ramadan also has an extremely blessed night called Laila-tul-Qadr about which Allah SWT said: “Indeed we sent it down in the Night of Power” Don’t forget to seek forgiveness this Ramadan and remember us in your prayers.

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