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Ramadan Calendar in USA 2018 -By City

Ramadan Calendar in USA 2018

Ramadan, the ninth month of holy Islamic Calendar, is the representative of Muslim unity, mutual charity, collective prayers and serenity when Muslims practice religious fasting as an Ibadat around the globe every year. Ramadan has numerous reasons to stand atop in terms of its significance one of which is the revelation of Holy Quran upon the Holy prophet P.B.U.H on 27th Ramadan.

As we are talking, Ramadan 2018 sets itself just a few weeks apart and Muslims in the USA are already running errands to optimize the annual divine excitement. According to astronomical standards and calculations, Ramadan 2018 is most likely to begin on 17th May 2018 in the USA but officially we cannot be sure until the crescent is conventionally sighted. However, looking forward to ensured blessings awaiting, Muslims are preparing welcome packets by marking the days on Ramadan Calendar in USA 2018.

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But as for the earth crust is round and the day-night cycle is not consistent around the globe, the whole Muslims community cannot follow the same calendar for Suhoor, Iftar, and prayers. Even the USA is spread across 4 general time zones such as PST, MST, CST, and EST. Given all that, Muslims can’t pursue same Ramadan Calendar USA 2018.

Calendars across the USA

Considering this confusion a distraction to the heavenly feelings, we’ve come up with personalized Ramadan calendar in USA 2018 for different time zones and states. It’d perfect if you locate calendar of your respective state and let the delight begin by planning your prayers, meals, workout, and business accordingly.

Ramadan 2015 to 2024 USA Dates Schedule

Year First Day of Ramadan Last Day of Ramadan
2015 18th June, Thursday 17th July, Friday
2016 7th June, Tuesday 6th July, Wednesday
2017 27th May, Saturday 24th June, Saturday
2018 17th May, Thursday 14th June, Thursday
2019 6th May, Monday 4th June, Tuesday
2020 24th April, Friday 23rd May, Saturday
2021 13th April, Tuesday 12th May, Wednesday
2022 3rd April, Sunday 2nd May, Monday
2023 23rd March, Thursday 21st April, Friday
2024 11th March, Monday 9th April, Tuesday


Around 400k to 800k people in the metro NYC area identify their religion as Islam.1% of the total population of California pursues Islam and Miami is also home to more than 70k Muslims in the USA and similarly the other states.

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